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Why can't you have it all? At EazyLeazy we believe life is too short to make difficult choices. Should I buy that expensive camera? How often will I use it? Do I need an oven? Will I really bake that often? That GoPro is so cool! But who's going to spend that much! Now when you want something, don't think, just rent it! We make rental super eazy.


  • Valroy Miranda
    6 hrs of kracking karaoke with family and friends made possible thanks to the Persang Karaoke machine... Read More »
    Valroy Miranda
  • Lehan Devadhia
    So last month I took a Backpacking trip with my friends to Himachal and I really wanted to take vlogs... Read More »
    Lehan Devadhia
  • Rahul Fouzdar
    Eazyleazy gave me one of the best holiday experiences ever. Rented a... Read More »
    Rahul Fouzdar
  • Ashish Koshy
    Wonderful service! Unlike some of my colleagues and friends who are “photo-maniacs”, I’ve never... Read More »
    Ashish Koshy
  • Adeeb Rais
    I had a very pleasurable experience with EazyLeazy. Their service is top notch, with... Read More »
    Adeeb Rais
5 Tips to Get the Most Out Of a GoPro
February, 2017 by EazyLeazy
5 Games that Guarantee an Epic Party!
We know that throwing a party can be stressful at times. But don’t worry! We’re here to make your life a whole lot easier. Here are five games that will definitely lift any party up and guarantee that your guests go home with a huge smile on their face! 1. A Sing Off! This is for all the bathroom singers... 

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