About EazyLeazy

Providing easy access to what you want, when you want it!

 No one says it better than our customers, so why don't you just have a look at what they're saying about us ? If you still want to read more, here it goes :)

Why can't you have it all? At EazyLeazy we believe life is too short to make difficult choices. Should I buy that expensive camera? How often will I use it? Do I need an oven? Will I really bake that often? That GoPro is so cool! But who's going to spend that much! Now when you want something, don't think, just rent it! We make rental super eazy by:

  • Providing great products at super low rentals
  • Being practical about breakage (we understand that things go wrong)
  • Making booking super easy online
  • Being easily accessible (book online or call, Tweet, WhatsApp or Facebook us!)
  • Delivering super quickly and reliably (we can deliver in under 3 hours if necessary )


Why we do what we do...

There are many reasons why it makes sense to take something from us:

  • It makes economic sense (why buy that expensive camera?)
  • It saves space (oven taking too much space in the kitchen? Don't use it everyday? Take it from us only when you bake!)
  • It's a taste of luxury (Think that HD wireless karaoke machine is too expensive? Get it from us for the weekend)
  • It's cool! (We know you want to use the best adventure camera out there and show off your board game skills during your house parties)
  • Try it before you buy it (Confused which fitness band or smartwatch to buy... or if you will like learning the Casio?.. Try it first!)  

Meet the team

Peshotan M. Kapadia: Chartered Accountant by training, spent 3 years at EY in financial risk management and the remaining 3.5 years of his past career at the Boston Consulting Group. With this (over) half decade-long career, he acquired experience in M&A, sales organization and efficiency, digital strategy, customer relationship management, marketing and consumer research across financial services, insurance and telecom sectors. Loves to play the guitar, go on long drives, eat and read fantasy fiction.


Meheryar Tata Photo

Meheryar Tata: Formerly known as the silent mysterious one, but after his spectacular public appearance in this video is now a certified limelight hog. Also a Chartered Accountant by training and spent 3.5 years in Deloitte in assurance and another 3.5 years in Deloitte in the valuations team with extensive experience in valuation of businesses in connection with mergers / acquisitions / divestitures, regulatory compliance and financial reporting across insurance, infrastructure, telecom, e-commerce, pharma, agri-business and manufacturing. Passionate about equity investing, reading, football and playing the guitar.