Please do be careful with the products we provide (the "Products") and treat them as if they were your own or borrowed from a close friend. We take a lot of care to maintain our assets and keep them in near-new condition. Asset breakage / loss is not good for you as a customer or for us as service providers. With your co-operation, we can continue to bring you amazing products at super-low rentals.

However, you are responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the Products due to negligence, theft, mysterious disappearance, fire or any other cause, other than normal wear and tear ("Product Impairment"). The following bullets lay out the categories of Product Impairment and amount payable. Please note that if the amount payable exceeds the amount of deposit collected (the "Deposit"), the balance amount will be reimbursable by you within ten (10) days of the claim being made by EazyLeazy:

What should I do if something breaks or is lost?

  • Reasonable wear and tear of the asset is not considered to be damage so don't worry about that
  • We understand that sometimes things go wrong and are reasonable about breakage so please inform us as soon as possible
  • We may waive or significantly reduce claims in genuine cases. Please be proactive and honest about what happened
  • In breakage / damage cases, we will retain the security deposit until we determine the amount recoverable from you

How much am I liable to pay if something breaks or is lost?

Normal wear and tear Nothing
Missing accessory / piece / part As per the rate card maintained by EazyLeazy (The delivery executive will be carrying a copy of the damage rate card)
Major cosmetic damage, not affecting the functioning of the Products 3-5% of the original value of the asset or the Deposit, whichever is lower
Damage affecting the functioning of the Products which is repairable The estimated cost of repair / part replacement or the value of the Deposit, whichever is lower
Major damage where the product is a complete write-off but is returned The recoverable value as per EazyLeazy records
Theft or loss of the product, where the product is not physically returned The recoverable value as per EazyLeazy records + a no return fee equal to 20% of the recoverable value


Please do read our detailed terms and conditions here and the rental agreement emailed to you at the time of booking.